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16 Jun 2009

mada2607’s Guide to Painting Rat Style

Author: Rat-Look.com Editorial Team | Filed under: Rat Look Guides

Ok so here is my guide to cheap-ass painting – be warned I’m crap at writing stuff up!

Ok so for this you will need…

• A car (surprise surprise)
• Course sand paper
• 1L – 2L of the paint of your choice
• A set of 3 – 4 household paint rollers
• A 1” paint brush
• Masking tape

Time scale 1 – 3 days with all important Tea breaks!

Step One

This is basically prep work, deciding the colour you want, what you
want to paint, what you don’t want to paint, deciding what you want
to modify, what you want to fix, making sure you have all the tools
needed etc

Make sure you have a clear plan as once you start you cant turn back very easily, decide if you want to keep your trim black or even if you want to keep it at all, all the little details that will help your car stand out.

But remember to stick to your plan because if, for example, you remove
your trim and smooth over the holes, you can’t easily go back and
refit it.

Step Two

Making sure you have a car to paint (LOL) perform any repairs or modifications to the bodywork

and then sand all the areas you’re thinking of painting to achieve a rough base for the paint to key to, make sure you also key around the inside of the doors, boot lid and bonnet

This may take half an hour with an electric sander, or it may take an hour or two by hand

Tea break

After you have keyed the car it will need rinsing to remove ant dust
created by the sanding.

I suggest rinsing it with tap water and nothing else as you don’t
want a greasy surface when you come to paint.

Step three

I suggest performing this the next day but it can all be done I one
day if needs be.

Mask off all the areas you don’t want to paint i.e. windows, door
handles etc

Tea break


Step four!

Time to start getting the paint on the car.

Going around the windows, lights ETC use the 1” brush to perform the
cutting in, this way you will avoid running the roller over something
you don’t want to paint.

Tea break

Next pour a small amount of paint into your tray supplied with the
rollers and start applying it to the car, try and work in sections
(doors and wings, bonnet, grill and bumper) this will make the whole
thing easier.

Once the 1st coat is on it will need 1 – 2 hours to dry depending
on the weather so its time for

Tea break


Step five!

Make sure there are no areas you have missed whilst applying your
1st coat.

If you find anything you have missed give it a lick of paint and let
it dry.

Meanwhile with a fresh roller start applying the 2nd coat, certain
areas may need more but you can work this out when the 2nd coat is
dry, try and apply the paint in the same section order you did with
the 1st coat this way each coat has had an equal amount of drying

Tea break


Step Six

After checking to see if any panels need any more coats and re-paint
if necessary.

Open all the doors, bonnet and boot. Paint around the panels making
sure as not to drip onto any windows, seats or vital engine parts,
and allow it to dry

Tea break


Step Seven

Time for the second coat around the doors ETC

Same rules apply as in step four

Tea break

Step Eight

Now its time to remove the masking tape from the car, step back and
admire your handy work.

Step Nine (Optional)

After a few days allowing the paint to fully settle and many, many
Tea breaks (You can use the car during this stage) its time to add
and detailing you may have wanted i.e. pin striping, stencils ETC.

Be warned pin striping is not as easy as it looks, luckily for the
rat effect you can get away with it being slightly rough 😀

It may be worth noting depending on the type of paint you use you
may have to wash the car a few times before adding detailing to avoid
any residue damage caused by any chemicals from the paint.


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