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10 Aug 2009

lbrench’s Guide to Checkering

Author: Rat-Look.com Editorial Team | Filed under: Rat Look Guides

What you will need

*a car
*black paint (rattle can works best)
*halfords viper stripes (£9.99)
*a sharp scapel or stanley knife
*a metal ruler
*a lot of masking tape and alot of newspaper

Start off by masking up your car, cover everything like windows and
body work like this;

Then clean to roof with something like paint prep wipes (about £2.99)
this wil make sure the roof is clean and the paint sticks, the spray
the roof with a rattle can of your choice, for the first coat do a light
coat and dont spray too close because then the paint will run, with
a good rattle can it will take about 20 mins to dry, then apply your
second coat, this time make it abit heavier.

Once the roof is sprayed leave it over night and check it, if you are
happy with the thickness then you can start on the squares, if not then
you can do a few more coats.

The viper stripes come as 2 really really long strips of white vinyl,
measure how wide the strip is and cut it the same width as length so
you get perfect squares, you will need about 20/30 squares, this should
cover any roof, I think I used about 20 but my car is quite small, once
they are cut start in the middle of the roof so you can work outwards,
make sure you use a credit card or something to smooth the vinyl on,
it also helps if you have 2 people, if you do it right it should look
like this;

When you get to the edges its best to put the vinyl on then let it hang
over the edge then cut the edge off using your metal ruler and scalpel
or stanley knife, this also applies to the sunroof. Once its finished
you can either spray it with clear laquer or just leave it as it is..

I also recommend using grafitti paint instead of car paint because it
sets harder and last alot longer and also dries 10 times faster. Iget
mine from this website, you can get 3 for 14.99 and three cans is more
than enough for one roof, Iwent through about 1 and a half cans, when
you order it doesnt have to be 3 of the same colour either so you could
do a multi coloured roof base if you wanted.


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