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Well done Rat-Look.com members including ‘stff’ and ‘CordOldskool’ on organising a very successful Dutch RL Meet – The first of many to come by the sounds of it! – Scroll down to view images and excerpts of what the guys had to say with a direct link to the forum thread for ALL of the pictures.




stff said:
The first dutch rat-look.com meet was a great succes!
over 40 rat cars. the weather was great, only 5 minutes rain, rest of the day was sunny!
Met some great people and a lot of nice cars and bikes.

CordOldskool said:
I want to thank you guys, girls and kids for this great day, we didn’t expect this much people. Met a lot of nice people, and people from all over Holland and Belgium came to support us. So I want to thank the other clubs for this unforgettable day!! It was the first Dutch Rat-look.com Meet up and for sure NOT the last, we take more time for the next meet. so we can take care for stands with drinks and stuff! 15min of rain wasn’t that bad, the rest of the day was sunny. Cheers CordOldskool

You can check out further pictures by clicking this link!

You can follow our Dutch Rat Look friends via Twitter @DutchRatLook along with us of course! @RatLook

19 Jul 2011

Dutch Rat-Look.com Pictures

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